What actually is hybrid production?

Hybrid productions are photo productions where we combine digital photography with the possibilities of 3D visualization. Why do we do this?

In studio photo productions, we can use 3D real-time visualization to use digital locations and thus simulate an on-location shoot. For the viewer of the photos, this is later not apparent that the pictures were taken in the studio. In production, this brings a whole range of advantages: the avoidance of time-consuming, cost-intensive photo trips and independence from the weather are just two of them.

How does the digital location work?

In advance, we agree on the desired location with the customer in a briefing session. Should the shoot take place on the beach in Miami, in the urban canyons of New York or in a small French town? Everything is possible. Our 3D artists set up the location and prepare the digital scene. We often use locations from our database, which can also be quickly adapted with manageable effort.

2. How does the shooting work?

In a hybrid production, we use any studio – this can be at the customer’s location, in a rental studio or even in a studio with us in Pforzheim or Hamburg. There are several possibilities: either we work with a green or blue screen or with an LED wall. The special feature is: the camera sees the model and the digital location, the photographer gets a real-time preview and can move like in a real location. For the model there is a control monitor, so that an orientation in the set of the virtual location is possible.

3. How does the photographed model get into the location?

In the green screen process, the camera only photographs the model, but our software solution saves the exact coordinates of the camera in the digital location in the metadata. This allows us to render the scene in high resolution with 100% accuracy and compose it with the model image. The model image in the desired location is ready.

In the following video you can get an impression of how a hybrid production in the virtual studio works.
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