The importance of images in marketing

Images play an important role in marketing because they attract the attention of customers and help them to better imagine a product or brand. In humans, a good 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual stimuli. Below are five important points that illustrate the importance of images in marketing:
1. Attention

Images capture the attention of customers: In a world where we are confronted with a flood of information every day, it is important for brands to attract attention. A well-chosen image can capture customers’ attention and help get them interested in a product or brand.

2. Emotionality

Images help convey emotion: One of the strengths of images is that they are able to convey emotions. By using images, brands can try to evoke certain feelings – ideally positively associated ones – in their customers, for example happiness, satisfaction or a sense of adventure.

3. Storytelling

Images support a brand’s narrative: A brand always has a story that wants to be told. Images can help convey that story and give customers a better understanding of the brand.

4. Credibility

Images improve brand credibility: a professional and appealing image can help a brand appear more credible. Customers tend to perceive brands that use high-quality, good-looking images as more reputable and trustworthy.

5. Search engine relevance

Images are important for search engine optimization: images can also help a brand be found more easily in search engines. By using relevant images that are appropriately optimized, brands can ensure that their content is found more easily.



Images play an important role in marketing as they attract customers’ attention and help them better visualize a product or brand. They can convey emotions, support a brand’s narrative, improve brand credibility, and be important for search engine optimization.

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