The fashion shooter concept – how 3D visualizations can be realized on the model

1. One-time model shooting

A photo shoot is done only once with the preferred models – the preferred poses for the online store are photographed and defined. The number of poses is determined by the customer – depending on the requirements, a variance of at least 10 poses is reasonable, but it can also be significantly more.

2. Transfer of the posings

The photo shoot is supported with a specific tracking method in order to transfer the digital posing to avatars from the photos afterwards. These avatars are used for the simulation of the clothing and the image creation afterwards and stored in the corresponding 3D design software for the simulation.

3. The fashion shooter process

The next step is now to use the Fashion Shooter technology. The user selects the preferred poses for displaying the clothing items and puts together a coherent outfit, then the outfit is simulated, rendered in the desired scene and composed with the photographed model – and the desired model image for the online store is ready and can be used for marketing. The process can either be controlled manually or highly automated – depending on the customer’s requirements.

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