How is a virtual location created?

In hybrid productions, we use virtual, digital locations to stage models as in a real location shoot. In the following, we would like to give you a brief insight into how such locations are created and prepared for the shoot.

1. Inspiration

It all starts with an idea. A rough idea can either come from the customer or our creative minds come up with a location. With the help of initial mood boards, we decide whether we are heading in the right direction – then we refine the idea until we have a clear concept.

2. Implementation

Now our 3D artists get started – on the basis of the coordinated mood boards, the desired location is built directly in 3D.
There are two possibilities:

  • We use already existing data. This can be existing data from an existing project or we license a suitable virtual location from a commercial platform.
  • Second possibility: We build the virtual location completely from scratch. Which way we choose always depends on various factors, not least the available budget and the customer’s requirements for the location.

In the automotive industry, unique locations are often built elaborately – the motivations behind this are often the distinctiveness, the exclusivity of extraordinary locations, etc. We usually always choose the way that leads to the fastest result for the respective customer requirement and is budget-friendly at the same time. Once the location is set up, it is coordinated and reviewed with the customer, details are refined and everything is prepared in such a way that nothing stands in the way of a later photo production.

3. Results

After the implementation, the prepared location can be used for the virtual studio. During the shoot, the models then move within the virtual world.

The result can then look like this:

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