How does a digital location change work?

For hybrid productions, we can change the virtual location quite simply with a click – in contrast to real onlocation photo productions, we lose almost no time in the process. This has a positive effect on the daily quantity and creates a completely new flexibility.
1. Load prepared location

The virtual location agreed with the customer in advance is used on the photo set as a real-time visualization. We use the Unreal Engine for this – behind the software is the game developer EPIC, which offers, among other things, the world-famous co-op survival shooter game Fortnite, which has over 250 million users worldwide.

2. Change photoset within the scene

Within the prepared virtual location, we can move completely freely and the photographer can choose the appropriate scene he or she wants to use for the next motif – just like walking around in the real world and looking for the next beautiful photo subject.

3. Change location

Of course, a complete change is also possible – from the beach to the city, from indoor to outdoor, all this is possible without any problems. The new location scene is simply loaded, then only the light in the studio has to be adjusted to the lighting of the virtual scene. And then the shooting can simply continue without any delay…

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