5 reasons why companies should rely on digital product development in the future and also use the data for image content creation

Digital product development of textiles is developing more and more strongly, not least due to an additional Covid-19-induced digitization push, and is finding its way into more and more companies. The possibilities inherent in a digital end-to-end process are enormous and can reduce previous lead times many times over. Here are five reasons why it makes sense to digitally create apparel products and image content in the future:
1. Faster and more efficient product development:

By creating digital products, designers can prototype garments and make changes much faster without the need for actual fabrics and seams. This saves time and reduces costs.

2. Improved visualization:

By creating digital products, designers can visualize their designs in different colors and fabrics and see the fit and look of the garment in different perspectives. This allows them to better visualize and plan the end result.

3. More environmentally friendly:

Creating digital images of garments does not require actual materials and therefore can be a more environmentally friendly, sustainable alternative. There is no need to physically transport and move photo samples.

4. Easier to revise:

If changes need to be made to a garment, it’s much easier to change them on the digital data and then adjust the image content – with an actual photo sample, the entire image creation process has to be started from scratch.

5. For sales:

Digitally created products can be used much faster for marketing on websites and in online stores to present and sell the products. This is especially important in times when online retailing is on the rise.

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